If your child identifies as LGBTQIA
to explore the LGBTQIA Resources page for links to
organizations advocating for
LGBTQIA youth in communities, schools and legally on the
state and national level 

If your child is self-harming,
you feel completely powerless.
Three things you MUST do:

1. Get them into therapy with someone who specializes in self-harming and the unique pressures faced by lgbtqia youth.  Consider medication, even if only for a temporary period, until they are feeling better. Always consult with a professional who is knowledgeable about finding the right medication. 

2.  Ensure they feel safe at school - if they do not, address it or PULL THEM OUT! Seek other options, other schools or online/homeschooling until they feel stronger or the situation improves. 
*** this is the number one thing I wish I would've done. I believe firmly that Lily would be alive if I had! - it is a critical time and if addressed won't last forever. 

3.  Limit and Monitor Screen time. Don't give your child a phone with internet access if possible until over 15. If not possible, talk with your provider and phone company to place restrictions on their access and monitor what they are viewing. Ensure you have the ultimate password and they cannot change it. Do NOT let them view sites that are dark or make them more depressed and BEWARE of youtube, we believe Lily viewed one of the many posts of live streamed suicides. Another example is the momo psycho who posted videos encouraging children to kill themselves.  



Click below for CRITICAL data/statistics regarding suicide rates rising in general and specific to youth. Go to the DATA page for more statistics and info. 

"The death rate for suicide, the second
leading injury intent among ages 10–19 years in 2016, declined 15% between 1999 and 2007
(from 4.6 to 3.9),
and then increased 56% between 2007 and 2016 (6.1)."
~from the cdc national vital statistics report below

Suicide  Stats
by State
Adolescent Suicide 
*If your child is suicidal - get help immediately!*

If you are unsure what to do 
call for help:

 Trevor Project hotline:

OR For TREVOR Text: 
send msg to 678678 and text 

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:

 OR go to the Emergency Room!

 If you are an LGBTQIA youth and thinking about suicide -- Call the number above or click the link below for a live chat with people who are trained and who understand:

 When Times are dark and you feel no possible end to it - PLEASE...PLEASE...PLease!!! HEAR ME!

You are important!
You are valued!
You are LOVED
Your Voice is NEEDED!!! 
~~ Please call for help~ you have no idea the devastation you will cause those who love you if you do not. CALL FOR HELP!!!!

The Trevor Project website offers valuable resources and information  

What To Do if Your Child
is Self-Harming
An EXCELLENT resource for parents of self-harming youth *known or suspected*
Suicide Prevention
Resource Center
Live Chat Link
National Resources

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention:  https://afsp.org/

National Association of School Psychologists: Gender Inclusive Schools

LGBTQIA specific and friendly Alcohol abuse/addiction and recovery centers/programs:

Important Resources
in Utah 

Mama Dragons:  http://mamadragons.org/

Encircle Together:   https://encircletogether.org/

Hope4Utah:  https://hope4utah.com/

NAMI Utah:  https://namiut.org/

Utah Suicide Prevention Coalition:

Equality Utah:  https: www.equalityutah.org 

Utah Domestic Violence Coalition: 

Link to a couple of their very helpful articles:

UDVC - LGBTQ top ten.pdf 
UDVC - How to be an ally handout.pdf
CDC LGBTQ SA-DA rates.pdf

Resources and Critical Info
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Suicide Prevention
Resource Center

More Coming soon 

  • Screen Reduction Time - articles and resources for this critical place you can do something. 
  • Protecting your children  - filters, predators and the dark web
  • Modeling Kindness - the importance of what you teach
  • Blog and podcasts of my journey to find that place where basic human rights are respected and the well-being of ALL children and adults is important and valued. I will be offering comparisons of states I visit.